FSA Seating Assessment


FSA Seating Assessmentprovides reliable and easy to use information about the surface interface pressure between your client and their wheelchair cushion. 

Use FSA to achieve the most effective rehabilitation seating and positioning solutions for your clients. 

Clickherefor an overview. Your system will contain the following three basic components:

  1. Software
  2. Pressure sensing mat
  3. Electronic interface module




Save Time!

Streamline the Assessment Process

The combination of the FSA protocol, our exclusive 4D software and our industry leading measurement tools results in a speedier assessment and records that are easier to access. The new process and tool set will help you save time, assist you in your efforts to create efficiency and allow you to help more patients.

Save Money!

Understand the Big Picture

Superior solutions and documented evidence allow the FSA user to effectively share findings with the client, the care team, and the funding agency.

This clear picture helps reduce redundant efforts and increases the understanding of all parties involved. Less time and money is spent pursuing ineffective solutions and patient tissue trauma is avoided.

Develop Solutions!

Achieve Your Goals

The FSA 4D Pressure Mapping System is a complete and versatile tool that provides accurate information in an easy to use, easy to access and easy to share format.

FSA helps you understand, choose and promote the right solution for your client.





Please use these pressure mapping reference resources to grow your own knowledge base 

Many of the resource bases can be uploaded to by members, and the Pressure Mapping Wiki is fully user edited. 


Pressure Mapping Wiki and Community Bulletins 

Share your questions, suggestions and solutions with other members of the Pressure Mapping community at conventions and in the 'wiki' user forum.

The FSA Library

An extensive reference library of Articles, Research Papers, and Presentations.

Links to Related Websites

Links to organizations and groups involved in Pressure Mapping and Wound Care - RESNA, NPUAP, NRRTS.

Clinical Assessment Tools

FSA Clinical Protocol for Seating, Braden Scale, PUSH Tool, VeV Wound Measurement.

CE and ISO Documents

View and Download copies of our ISO 13485 Certificate of Registration and Vista's EC Certificate.

Technology Updates

FSA 4D keeps evolving, so new capabilities are frequently added.  FSA 4D upgrades are available online and are always FREE.  Visit our download pages to find new tools to add to FSA or use on their own.