NEW!  BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System Smart Beds and Seats. BodiTrak pressure mapping systems are a Smart application of our new stretchable and breathable Lycra sensor. The sensor combined with electronics mounted right on the sensing mat comprises the BodiTrak system.  Better results, much less expensive and easier to use make BodiTrak the clear choice for adding or upgrading your pressure mapping tools. BodiTrak is also the enabling technology for Smart beds and seats that continually monitor the position and interface pressure of a person, and then intelligently adapt the surface to increase comfort and help prevent sleep disruptive breathing or tissue trauma.

NEW! FSA Stretch Sensor systems for Seat and Beds. Elastic sensors greatly reduce the hammocking effect of interface pressure mapping systems when used for clinical and product design purposes. Temperature sensing arrays (PDF) are also available to study a surface's microclimate characteristics.

FSA Seating Assessment provides reliable and easy to use information about the surface interface pressure between your client and the wheelchair cushion.

Use FSA to acheive the most reliable rehabilitation seating and positioning solutions for your clients.

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FSA Hospital Bed System  is used extensively in hospitals and nursing care homes. Use the new stretch sensors to:

- Prescreen patients at risk for pressure ulcers
- Choose better pressure relieving surfaces for existing beds
- Optimize patient comfort

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  FSA Retail Bed System  is an ideal point-of-sale tool that clearly shows which mattress promises optimal comfort.

The easily understood pictures of pressure distribution provides your sales staff visual and easily understood "proof" that they can use to help guide the customer to the best sleep solution. It also leaves the customer feeling better informed and satisfied with their decision.

Increase your close ratio and maximize the effectiveness of your sales team by using the
  FSA Retail Bed System (guidelines for use).